4.5" Halloween Special Limited Edition (1 of the 18)



Vendor: KochCookware


Limited Edition

KochCookware's 4.5" HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Skillets have produced only 18 pieces for celebrating Halloween 2018.
All production processes (molding, pouring, and cleaning) are done on hand, one by one. The perfect craftsmanship of hand molding offers clean surfaces without applying extra surface polishing.
These skillets are raw (unseasoned) for people who prefer to season their skillets the way they want.
You can use it on any heat source like Gas, Induction, Glass, Electric, Grill, Oven and Live Fire.
Each skillet might have minor dints, pores, and notches with slight variations in appearance due to its hand molding and finishing. These are not faults; on the contrary, they make your skillet authentic and unique. Consider this before ordering.


Diameter: 4.5 inch
Weight: 1.55 lbs. 
Seasoning: Raw / Unseasoned