No.305-S (10.25" Traditional)



Vendor: KochCookware


The Old school skillet, Just Like Your Grandma's


KochCookware's No.305 series Skillets specifically created to deliver Nostalgic Handmade Cast Iron Cookware Experience of the 1800s

KochCookware skillets are produced as Handcrafted with The Perfect Craftsmanship and Traditional Foundry Discipline

All production processes; Molding, Pouring, Cleaning, and Seasoning are done on hand, one by one.

By its nature, the handcrafting offers clean surfaces and non-stick cooking experience without applying extra surface polishing.

The skillets are produced as Eco-Friendly by using only 100% Recycled Iron

KochCookware skillets are perfect to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry or grill

Each Cookware comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (signed and wax sealed)

You can use it on any heat source like Gas, Induction, Glass, Electric, Grill, Oven and Camp Fire

No.305-S skillets are seasoned thrice with Organic Flaxseed Oil and they are ready to use.



Diameter: 10.25 "

Handle to Handle: 15.75 "

Weight: 5.6 - 6 lbs.

Seasoning: Seasoned