Vendor: KochCookware


KochCookware's No.306 Series Skillets are the perfect choice for people who are seeking for the glass-like cooking surface on handmade cast iron skillets. 
Unique machining technique applied for surface treatment without compromising the advantages of traditional handmade cast iron skillet.As a result, No.306 series offers the real glass-like cooking surface skillet, which is also very convenient for daily use. 
No.306 skillets are raw (unseasoned) for people who prefer to season their skillets the way they want.
You can use it on any heat source like Gas, Induction, Glass, Electric, Grill, Oven and Live Fire.
Each skillet might have minor dints, pores, and notches with slight variations in appearance due to its hand molding and finishing.These are not faults; on the contrary, they make your skillet authentic and unique.Consider this before ordering.


Diameter: 10.25 inch
Handle to Handle: 15.75"
Weight: 4.4 - 4.7 lbs. 
Seasoning: Raw / Unseasoned