No. 306


Machined for glass like cooking surface

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No. 305


A perfect handmade cast iron skillet

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Work of Art introduction


KochCookware's No.305 10.25" Skillets specifically created to offer nostalgic handmade cast iron cookware experience of 1800's. 

All production processes from molding to seasoning are done on hand, one by one.The perfect craftsmanship of hand molding offers clean surfaces without applying extra surface polishing.


No.305 skillets are masterpieces and they are the perfect choice for people who appreciate old school, handmade cast iron skillets.

PD No.305


KochCookware's No.306 10.25" Skillets combine old style handmade cast iron cookware with the developments of the modern world.

Unique machining technique applied for surface treatment without compromising the advantages of traditional cast iron cookware.As a result, we created the real glass-like cooking surface skillet, which is also very convenient for daily use.


No.306 skillets are the perfect choice for people who are seeking for the glass-like cooking surface on handmade cast iron skillets.


Use them all the time


From searing to sauteing, KochCookware products are perfect for all cooking methods.

Features the key



Each KochCookware product is a masterpiece, produced as Handmade with perfect craftsmanship by using traditional casting discipline.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

By respecting the environment all KochCookware products are produced using 100% recycled iron.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

It is a one time investment.Use it frequently with proper care and and it will serve you for the rest of your life.

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The Ultimate Experience

Everything a cast iron cookware should have

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