Use frequently, care properly and they will serve you to the Eternity

It depends on the product and the seasoning preference you bought:

  • Seasoned: If you preferred to buy a seasoned product, just wash it with gentle dish soap, rinse, dry it properly, and use it. Remember, always use oil when cooking with a new skillet.
  • Raw/Unseasoned: If you preferred to buy your skillet raw, wash it with strong dish soap (and cookware cleaner/degreaser if you choose No.306), rinse it properly, dry it (do not let air dry) and season it the way you prefer.

Note: Raw iron may have rust if you not dry it perfectly or may have rust dots when it came out the box. Do not worry, just use a scrub sponge and/or steel wool to remove the rust. Do not start seasoning before remove the rust completely.


We offer our cookware in two finishes: Raw and Seasoned. Raw skillets are ideal for people who prefer to apply their own seasoning with their preferred oil or shortening. 

Our seasoned skillets are seasoned three times with Organic Flaxseed oil and they are ready to use.


We use Organic Certified Flaxseed oil.

  • Use it frequently
  • Always preheat the cookware before using it (5-10 mins. low or mid-low heat)
  • Avoid applying high heat to your product before preheating properly
  • Use extra oil when cooking, especially when your product is new
  • Avoid cooking with acidic ingredients, especially with new product
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Do not put your product in the dishwasher or do not soak in water
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners (gentle dish soap is ok.)
  • Thoroughly dry your product after cleaning with warm water and do not let air dry (place over a burner for a few minutes in low heat to ensure that product is fully dry)
  • Do not drop the skillet, handles may break.

Since our products are handmade, they have slight differences in weight. Giving a range instead of a fixed number in weight is truer.

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