Glittering Reflection of Excellence for 62 years

Kochcookware, (a brand of American Industrial Manufacturing Solutions), is a freshly built cookware brand based in Miami – FLORIDA; to create the best-cast iron cookware ever existed and to share them with every cast iron cookware users all around the world.



We are the third generation children of a Greek immigrant family, who owns and runs cast iron foundry since 1958. Although we did not provide any cast iron cookware before, we just had been using it in our kitchens for years with great pleasure.

Our journey began when we start to search for the best-cast iron cookware that could be used daily easily without compromising its advantages, for our use.

We checked the major producers first; they are good at price, their surfaces are rough, and they are heavy on weight which makes them hard to use daily. Plus, their seasoning is not at the best level.

Then we checked “premium” cast iron cookware brands, which are better than mass-produced cookware on surface and seasoning. Additionally, they were “Handcrafted” and “Heirloom” or we thought they are so.

Unfortunately, we found out that they are nothing but small parties, who design their cookware and make them be produced by US-based foundries with the same automated productions that used by low-priced cookware producers. They apply some surface treatment to avoid the rough surface caused by that production, and that’s it.

Frankly, we think that is very unethical to call your production “handcrafted” or “heirloom”; while your molding and casting are automated.

Glittering reflection of



The Rejuvenation of

the Great American Tradition

That was the point where we wanted to step in and present to the world the “REAL HANDMADE” cast iron cookware; and unlike others, those had to be A to Z Handmade production.

While we wanted to produce the best-cast iron skillets, we knew we had to fulfill some criteria concerning our successful history and cast iron lovers:

KochCookware No 306 handmade10.25 inch premium cast iron skillet unseasoned
  • Production must be impeccable with intensive craftsmanship and traditional foundry discipline, even it requires high labor and time consumption.
  • Cast Iron Cookware is already Eco-Friendly, but we should take that one step further; we must use only recycled iron on our production.
  • Production must be done in our family inherited foundry, so no third-party producers. Moreover, every single production step, from beginning to end, must be done on hand.
  • No additional surface treatment will be applied; with extra attention to molding and pouring, the cookware will be smooth by its nature.
  • Our products must be designed based on real-life experience and must compatible with everyday use.
  • Our products should be lighter than usual, smoother than ever, with excellent heat retention and perfect heat distribution; and they should compatible with every heat source from live fire to induction.
  • Although our priority is the United States, we should be able to deliver our products to the whole world.

To satisfy these challenging criteria, we worked day and night for about 2 years; we examined dozens of products, conducted hundreds of different tests, and by forcing our resources to the end; we were able to release KochCookware to cast iron enthusiasts in 2018.

In this short time we have been on sale, we met with the intense interest and appreciation of you cast iron lovers from all over the world, and we received numerous awards too.

As the third generation managers in cast iron industry, our goal is to continue this success with a constant increase, to show all the world that using cast-iron cookware is way simpler than before, and to pass our facility and our knowledge to next generation, just like we inherited from our ancestors.